Homemade Dead Sea Salts Shampoo

Clocking in at a cool three million years old, the Dead Sea serves up salts that contain 21 minerals and provide a rich mélange of potent, therapeutic nutrients routinely used in a variety of commercial preparations designed to revitalize skin and hair, and to heal many physical and physiological maladies. Research has shown that this extraordinary salt may also help to improve circulation and stimulate hair regrowth, relieve itchy scalp and even help treat psoriasis. For hair and scalp problems — or simply to replenish the natural luster and volume of your locks — avoid the chemical cocktail of commercial shampoos and make a simple shampoo from Dead Sea salts and essential oils at home.

Read More…http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/make-homemade-deadsea-salts-shampoo-34876.html

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