Did You Know?

I remember a gorgeous, black angora sweater I wore one New Year’s Eve about 40 years ago. With flowing warm orange crepe pants and outrageously long, sparkly rhinestone earrings, it was a knockout look…for those days. I didn’t worry about how that sweater was made. I didn’t think about the pain rabbits endured to produce this chic sweater. I think I thought they were gently shaved and went back to hopping around happy and carefree. I was young, and although I absolutely adored animals, I really was not “educated” in animal rights’ issues. I regret my ignorance, I’m ashamed I didn’t care, but no one was telling us about animal abuse in those days.

I wish I had known then what I know now. Please use discretion whether you should view the video in this link; for the sensitive among us (which I’m sure is all of us), it is a disturbing way to become enlightened about a very nasty, heartbreaking issue. I’m hoping many readers may already be aware. But, certainly, please read about how angora is obtained in China, where 90 percent of angora comes from. I have been a PETA member for years, and every couple of years I stop the email alerts and updates to give myself a little breathing room. Well, I’m back in the active list again and vow to share horrendous abuse to animals whenever I can.


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