Tribute to Walking With the Alligators ~ Awesome Blogs We Love

We are pleased to support and promote the outstanding blogs we discover here at WordPress and other blog spots. Kicking the series off today, the blogs we follow feature an eclectic range of subject matter, from animal rights, vegan cuisine and poetry to fashion, beauty and home decor. We’re happy to share our great finds with you and hope you become followers too, if you’re not already.

Walking With the Alligators
“Walking With the Alligators” is a truly inspirational blog for those of us who care deeply about animals throughout the world and their welfare. It is a passionate voice speaking up for those who cannot, but so much more. For in the process of engaging with her readers, sharing stories and insights and exposing issues we may not have been aware of, Gator Woman awakens us all to the injustices and indignities our fellow travelers endure every day just to live on this planet. Judging by the enthusiastic response to her thought-provoking posts, I get a strong sense that maybe one day things will be different in the world; I know suffering will never end for some animals and some groups of people, but there is a definite change happening and Walking With the Alligators is a positive force for that change. It’s wonderful to see just how many people are affected by this blog’s voice, how many people are true advocates for animals.

Kudos to Gator Woman for all she does for animals, for encouraging kindness and compassion in people and for exposing the purveyors of evil.

Today, we share and link to the Walking With the Alligator’s post, “Dear Deer.” We hope you enjoy Walking With the Alligators as much as we do. Thanks again Gator Woman for your Likes of some of our posts as well.

Dear Deer!.

One thought on “Tribute to Walking With the Alligators ~ Awesome Blogs We Love

  1. Thank you so much for this great kindness.
    As is said repeatedly on the Blog, I am merely a “messenger,” the animals are all that matters.
    Those who cannot speak for themselves, thank you for caring about what happens to them~


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