Inspirational Book Excerpts – How to Change the World

From The Meaning of Life by Bradley Trevor Greive, come these words of wisdom:

Keep in mind that whatever you do, mistakes are part of life.
So do not waste time kicking yourself for the past.
Do not stall or stress over whether you are doing the right thing.
You will always know the answer in your heart.
Rather than be discouraged, always remember that rejection and resistance are almost guaranteed when you are doing something very important and very special.
When you set out to live your dreams, lots of people (including those who love you the most) will try to hold you back.
In this world there are many miserable pessimists who have given up their dreams and will tell you that you are wasting your time — you will never make it.
You may well be surrounded by people who secretly want you to achieve less or even fail completely just so they do not look bad. Forget about it, they will say. It is not worth it and it is not right for you anyway.
So it is important to understand that following your own path is incredibly rewarding, but it is definitely not easy.
Like everyone else you will have some days that are better than others.
Occasionally, everything may seem like a total disaster area.
People will look at you strangely when you tell them what you are trying to achieve, and you will start to listen to your detractors and doubt yourself.
But whatever happens, just hang on!
Remember that everybody struggles at times. It is incredibly draining to live through the day doing something you really do not enjoy or even care about.
But if you follow your dreams, at least you will exhaust yourself doing what you love most.
Now, you may not think that this will measure up to much in the global scheme of things.
But believe me, it does.
When you get the most out of your life, savoring every last drop, it will transform everything about you from ordinary to extraordinary.
When you do what you love, you can pull back the bed sheets every morning feeling excited about beginning another day, and you will be filled with a heartfelt joy that is highly contagious.
Just like when you start laughing out loud, and you make someone else start laughing, and then someone else, until you are all laughing so hard that your eyes water, you get terrible stomach cramps, it is hard to breathe and you cannot even stand up.
But best of all, by doing the things that make your whiskers curl up with delight (assuming, of course, that you actually have whiskers), you will inspire someone else to go after their dreams.
And, that, my friend, is how you change the world!

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