Quotes About Animals

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX 360“It is a difficult matter to gain the affection of a cat. He is a methodical animal tenacious of his own habits, fond of order and neatness, and disinclined to extravagant sentiment. He will be your friend if he deems you worthy of friendship, but not your slave… Yet what confidence is implicit in his steadfast companionship… He lies for long evenings on your knees, purring contently, and forsaking for you the agreeable society of his kind. In vain, melodious mewings on the roof invite him to one of those animated assemblies where fish bones take the place of tea and cake. He is not to be tempted from his post… Sometimes he sits at your feet looking into your face with an expression so gentle and caressing that the depth of his gaze startles you. Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes!” Theophile Gautier

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