Christmas Gift Idea #5

Animals Asia 2014 Calendar
Animals Asia 2014 Calendar
Give the gift of awareness, because not everybody knows about bear bile farming. This beautiful 2014 wall calendar features the beautiful photography of Josef (Sepp) Hausl and it’s nice and big at 11 x 8-1/2 for keeping track of important dates. Moon bears and sun bears are traditionally the bears used in bile farming and are among the most beautiful of bears. It’s heartwarming to read about their life now in the sanctuaries in China and Viet Nam after all they endured, some for years since they were cubs. We have symbolically adopted a bear at Animals Asia for a monthly donation that begins in January. We will introduce her post a photo as soon as it’s available. Please consider a visit to the site and learn about the wonderful work Animals Asia are doing for bears, dogs and cats and performing animals in Asia.

Here’s the link to the calendar and their Cafe Press shop features many inexpensive gift ideas showcasing the bears.

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