Chocolate & Wine Go Together Like… Oh My!

I have loved chocolate ever since I can remember. Well, who doesn’t. It’s a global favorite, for those who can enjoy it, although diabetic versions are readily available as well. So, when you take a decadent chocolate and pair it up with wine, oh my! It’s a careful marriage mind you — the wrong wine will absolutely ruin the experience. Here are a couple of choices that work very well together, like a marriage made in heaven:

  • Australian Shiraz with extra dark chocolate (80 percent cacao)
  • Late harvest Zinfandel or late-bottled port with dark chocolate.
  • Spanish sherry or Muscat with a chocolate that is embellished with caramel and sea salt.
  • Off-dry pink sparkling wine or a Canadian fruit wine made with berries with white chocolate.
  • Sweet Portugese Madeira, Greek Mavrodaphne or a tawny Port with milk chocolate.
  • Reference: The Perfect Match by Sommelier and Chef Tonia Wilson-Vuksanovic in Viva Magazine, Holiday 2013

    Footnote from Chip: Never feed any chocolate to dogs, even a teeny weeny piece. Even though White chocolate should not be fed, it does not contain the toxins of regular chocolate that are really dangerous to dogs.

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