My Vegetarian & Vegan Library

Canadian Living:The Vegetarian Collection
Canadian Living Vegetarian Cookbook
Here’s our first new addition to our already extensive personal cookbook collection that is purely vegetarian. I love this book and equally the website at Canadian Living, and their monthly print magazine. You can always count on them to come up with great recipes. I may start taking photos of my meals like those cooking blogs and review individual recipes in the book. Here’s the book at the below link if you’d like to check it out. We partner with Amazon and our relationship goes way back to many other websites over the years. I just happen to be my best customer, but I like to present compilations or collections for my own use as in My Vegetarian & Vegan Library (Book Shop), and figure why not share them on SunnySideUp — we currently have two of my book shops here, the veg one and a jewelry one you can find in the top menu of my pages. And, again, as I mention in other instances in my site, you can check out Kindle for cheaper versions of all kinds of books, public libraries, online libraries where you borrow up to two weeks for free, and of course, you can find millions of free recipes online. I just happen to love real books.

Canadian Living: The Vegetarian Collection: Creative Meat-Free Dishes That Nourish and Inspire

For more vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, check out our growing compilation of books, our ‘Wish List’ as we build our own personal vegetarian cookbook library:


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