A Beary Merry Christmas Party

If you’ve visited us before, you know Animals Asia is one of our absolute favorite charities. If only we could afford to do more, but sharing information about the organization is our major contribution at this time. Several years ago we sponsored a beautiful moon bear named Freedom who had lost her front paws to the bear bile farming trade. We can’t wait until January when our year of sponsorship begins for another gorgeous moon bear in Vietnam named Marmite. Our adoption includes photos of our bear, a plush toy and adoption certificate.

Once a year at Christmas time, the bears at both the Animals Asia China and Vietnam sanctuary have a fantastic Christmas party enjoyed by their caregivers as much as the bears, the centerpiece of which is a smorgasbord of tantalizing treats, such as sweet and sticky mincemeat pies, nuts, seeds and fruit all gaily wrapped and strategically placed throughout their enclosures for a grand treasure hunt. The bears have oodles of fun foraging, finding and ripping their presents apart for the sweet prize inside and discovering oranges, nuts and other irresistible treats stuffed into nooks and crannies and other unexpected places for their enrichment and dining pleasure.

See more still photos of their beary joyful Christmas party here.

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