Christmas Angels ~ People Who Make a Difference in the Lives of People

After reviewing more than 200 posts here at sunnysideup since we began in late October, we admit there’s more posts about animals, their rights, their welfare, how important they are, than any other topic. We can’t help that, our hearts have always been with the animals and as a person surrounded by many, many animals for many years, it’s inevitable my focus would be animals and their welfare.

Well, we care about people just as much and at this time of year our thoughts turn to those people who really make a difference for others, we call them Christmas angels.

We found out about our first Christmas angel by chance listening to the evening news tonight that explained how an organization out of Montreal helped a dream come true for an adolescent cancer patient. We checked out the website and were blown away with the bio of the founder, Doreen Edwards, and her heartwarming and heartbreaking stories of people she has met over the years. If ever there was an angel, this lady fits the bill — it’s a lot to read, but so incredibly inspiring. My mother is a cancer survivor and so is my husband, so this organization really strikes a chord. For those who desire to make a positive difference in other people’s lives, I believe this story could be the catalyst to do great things to help others.

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