What’s New at Our Sister Blog, Sunny Side Up

Going forward, Sunny Side Up will embrace its original goal of presenting positive content on a number of diverse topics; including inspirational and uplifting stories and posts about animals, especially animals’ relationships with people — green living — lifestyle choices — vegetarian and vegan cuisine — fashion, jewelry and style — books, art, health & well-being and more.

We are in the midst of establishing new exclusive sites/blogs to showcase and take action on animal rights issues, “Focus on Animals” so there is no lapse in our vigilance and activism from what you have seen here at Sunny Side Up. We present our own poetry that can best be described as pathos and erotica at a site named, “In the Mirror at Midnight.” Percolating on the back burner is a to-be-announced jewelry website that showcases jewelry by Susan Dorling Designs and trendy, inexpensive, quality jewelry from our company, Phoenix Fashion Jewelry.

We hope our current followers will still be excited and interested in our revamped content that is light-hearted, positive and heartwarming. If not, we do apologize for the inconvenience and say merci for your past support and bid you adieu.

We welcome your comments.

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