Breathe Your Way to Serenity

Breathing exercises are surprisingly effective for boosting energy and relieving stress. Once you commit to performing breathing strategies on a regular basis you’ll wonder how you ever made do without them. This is the first in a series of exercises you may already perform or be aware of — it’s called green fog breathing.

This strategy was developed by world-class martial artists of the Orient to place themselves into a state of serenity and elevated calmness before competitions.

The first principle of good breathing practice is to breathe with all of your lungs and not just from the top portion of them. Proper breathing occurs when you are using the top and bottom of the lungs, as you do naturally when you sleep.

Lay down on your back in a place of quiet and close your eyes. Slowly repeat aloud the following phrase, “I am serene, strong and focused.” Then, while you inhale, visualize the air as deep green fog entering your body through your nostrils, moving slowly into the depths of your abdomen. The green fog then moves through the limbs and throughout the body. Next, when the calming green fog has traveled through the body relaxing every muscle, exhale it along with any tensions that may have accumulated.

Practice this deep breathing exercise for 5 to 20 minutes daily, preferably first thing in the morning or before any stressful situations, for immediate calmness and internal peace. Deep breathing can change the state of your mind and the state of your life, according to many experts on the subject.

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