Heartwarming Release of Chimpanzee by Dr. Jane Goodall

4 thoughts on “Heartwarming Release of Chimpanzee by Dr. Jane Goodall

  1. I just love Jane’s tender interaction with the chimp. It makes me mad, sad and heartbroken that these sentient beings are used for vivisection. I saw a video recently of chimps, who had never seen sunshine, being released from labs. I cried buckets of tears 😥


    1. Hi Emy, thanks for your comment. Perhaps medical research is one of the most abhorrent of all animal abuses, particularly because there are alternatives to using animals. It not only destroys the animals in a slow, tortuous manner, but also, I believe, destroys every person who performs these atrocities — it has to steal their soul to be so cruel in return for a paycheck. I also saw that video of the chimps upon release from years of torture in labs, and felt so happy for them to experience joy, but like you, cried buckets of tears for the years of misery they endured. We can only keep taking action — sign petitions, keep abreast of the issues and speak out or blog about them to effect any change. PETA is one of the hardest working agencies against medical research and they have been instrumental in many victories for animals over the years. One step at a time I suppose, but in the interim our hearts break for the chimps and all the other animals who are suffering at the hands of human beings in whatever capacity. I find it helpful to counter the anger and frustration to consider the life of the ones who are safe in sanctuaries enjoying their natural lives without fear or suffering. And back to Jane, we just admire her so much for all her work with chimps over all these years and keep on top of the sanctuary news at her sites. We visited again yesterday after posting the video and read through all the bios (again) of the chimpanzees at her sanctuary in South Africa. Fell in love with them all over again and there’s a few new ones since we last visited — it’s just so interesting peering into those faces and the knowing eyes that mirror our own expressions, our compassion, our suffering. If I had life to live over — or more specifically, if my head was in the right place at the right time because I could have been the youngest — I would have liked to make Leakey’s trio into a quartet, following in the footsteps of fabulous women like Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey and Birute Galdikas who works with orangutans. My affinity for the Great Apes is hardly unique, it should come natural to every human, and yet how few people out of the millions who should, really commit to these creatures and care to preserve them. It’s baffling on one level, yet so simple to understand on another — people have been torturing and oppressing their own kind forever, why would animals be spared. Warm Regards, Susan


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