Update on Cecil and Orlando Fundraising Campaign

Cecil and Orlando, his seeing eye dog.
Cecil and Orlando, his seeing eye dog.

We posted back in December about Cecil, a man who fell onto the Brooklyn, New York subway tracks, and Orlando, his seeing eye dog who rushed to save him. Turned out the insurance company was not going to continue to cover the costs for Orlando in the new year and Cecil could not afford to keep him. He was looking for a new home for Orlando when a Good Samaritan named Grant Kirsch stepped in and started a fundraiser on their behalf so they could stay together — he needed to raise $50,000. The campaign raised $78,536.

God bless you Grant — this is so wonderful for Cecil and Orlando. The following is the last comment on the campaign, made by the man who was kind enough to step in and help. Many people thought he was going to keep the money, or that it was some kind of scam. Obviously, there were enough people who believed in the beauty of the human spirit and contributed. I really like that, regardless of the negativity, Grant could only wish the disbelievers well.

Well, this may be my last comment/update for this campaign.  First off, I am very happy to have been part of such an uplifting experience.  I will always remember this truly inspiring moment.  This whole thing started during what was intended to be a quick study break from my law school finals.  It turned out to be much more than that.  To all of you who contributed and saw the good in this campaign I wish you a happy new year and good fortune.  May you all continue to make this world a better and brighter place.  You have done a great thing you should be proud of it. To the rest of you who seemed to have a jaded view of this campaign, me, and of the world, I wish you peace for the new year.  I hope you are able see, in time, that there are good people in the world who genuinely want to do nice things for others.  Have faith, there is good in this world.


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