Rhino Rage

Sharing the rage, our blood is boiling. Thank you for posting Gator Woman and the links to learn more about this outrage. At a time when Vietnam’s huge demand for rhino horn’s alleged healing power is at a record high, it is unbelievable that this ‘ranch’ murder is happening right under the noses of Americans in a supposedly civilized nation. 946 rhinos were killed in South Africa last year up to December 19th, more than three a day. Horns can be sold for as much as $150,000 in Vietnam, more than the price of gold. As abhorrent as poaching in Africa is, this trophy hunting of endangered animals right here in North America is a sad glimpse into the depths humans can descend.

Walking with the Alligators


A soon to become extinct and most rare,  Black Rhino mother and baby.
Picture credit:  Yathin S Krishnappa

**I am completely guilty of being too angry and too quick to write, after re-reading this story, it was learned that they are having an auction for this disgusting murder, BUT it will be carried out in Africa, not in the US, however, this will matter little to the dead Rhino!**

**I have just finished editing this story and have now hopefully removed all  erroneous remarks to keep it accurate.**


Earlier this morning, while watching GMA,  this banner text ran across the bottom of screen:

Dallas Hunting Club to award license today in controversial auction to kill critically endangered Black Rhino.

Can I tell you how fast I hit the stop button and went to find this story?

My stomach was sick, my heart racing, Oh God, please tell me this is not true.

But, alas, it was/is  most…

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