The Demise of the African Elephant: On the Road to Extinction

This exceptionally comprehensive piece is essential reading for elephant-lovers and anyone who is gravely concerned about the demise of the African elephant. Posted by Kat of the amazing blog, Kat’s Africa, who has been up close and personal with these magnificent creatures during several safaris over the past two years in their homeland of Kenya.

Kat's Africa

This blog is about the African elephant and its perilous future in Sub-Saharan Africa. I have been on several safaris in Kenya in the past few years where I followed wild herds of African elephants and each journey holds a special place in my heart- beyond memorable. My two best adventures occurred in Tsavo National Park and Amboseli National Park both located in Kenya where I was allowed to take hours of film and photographs of various herds roaming the savannahs there. I have posted two favorite pictures of a bull elephant and the rest of the herd  taken on the Maasia Mara.

There are two species of elephant: the African elephant and the Asian elephant. The African elephant has also been dived into two sub-species: the savannah and the forest elephant. Savannah elephants live out on the flat, grass-covered plains such as the Maasai Mara in Kenya and the Serengeti…

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