Another Two Old Friends Need a Home Together

Lindy and Mindy
Lindy and Mindy
With a nod to our earlier post from House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary Safety Net program about two older dogs needing homes together (who we hope have now found that home), today we bring you another two old friends, Lindy and Mindy, 10 and 8 years old respectively, who have lived together for the last eight years. Dropped off (abandoned) at Queen Anne’s County Animal Welfare League in Queenstown, Maryland, they were both in poor shape, but both are now in beautiful condition and ready to be adopted together. If you can help find a home for them, offer them a loving home or know someone in the area who may be interested in adopting this lovely pair of dogs, please pass the contact info on.

Breed: Golden Retriever mix, Labrador Retriever
Gender: Females (spayed)
Ages: 10 and 8
Up-to-date on vaccinations: Yes
Restriction on adopters: We’re hoping to keep together

Contact: Lisa
Phone: 410 924-9736 or 410 758-3493

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