Our 2014 Books to Read List ~ The Prime Movers by Andrew Chappell

I have adapted what I call the ‘Success Mindset’ from an article in my newsletter today from Early to Rise — an article that was inspired by the book, “The Prime Movers” by Andrew Chappell, available in a Kindle version for only $1.04. I’m thinking that’s pretty cheap (if it’s as good as I think it will be, I will buy the book for my library) for a book that, based on the reviews, promises to be engaging, surprising and enlightening, and most all motivational and inspiring. While we can’t all be billionaires, the subject of The Prime Movers, everyone who is the least bit interested in financial success and full circle success in life can take away something positive and energizing from their stories. Click on the image at the bottom of the article for more details about the book, or to purchase the book or Kindle version from Amazon. I also buy from Chapters here in Canada and there are several resources for used books as well.

1. Many people are concerned with protecting their ego. When dealing with a problem they don’t really understand, they pretend to understand the contributing factors, but don’t try to find out what anyone else thinks. People with a ‘success mindset’ ask questions incessantly. They display no ego when it comes to learning. They know that knowledge is power.
2. Many people have a consumer mentality. They look at a hot new product and think about how they would like to own one. People with a ‘success mindset’ have an entrepreneurial mentality. They look at it and think, “How can I produce this or something similar in my own industry?”
3. Many people are wish-focused. They daydream about making lots of money. People with a ‘success mindset’ are reality-based. They are always analyzing their own success, or lack of it, and the success of others, and wondering how they could learn from it and be even more successful.
4. Many people, when confronted with a challenging idea, think of all the reasons why it might not work. People with a ‘success mindset’ see the potential in it and disregard the problems until they have a clear vision of how it might succeed.
5. Many people resist change. People with a ‘success mindset’ embrace it.
6. Many people accept the status quo. People with a ‘success mindset’ are always looking to make things – even good things – better.
7. Many people react to situations. People with a ‘success mindset’ are proactive.
8. Many people look at a successful business owner and think, “That guy’s lucky.” People with a ‘success mindset’ think, “What’s his secret?” And, “How can I do that?”

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