How to Make Hand-Milled Soap

In the early 2000s, I had my own homemade soap and bath product business called North Country Rose Luxury Soap & Bath Products. Over about five years, I built up a nice little clientele for my aromatherapy creations and gift baskets. Back then I made several lovely soaps from scratch. I left that business behind for something else in around 2005. The love of essential oils and natural products is one of my passions, so in 2010, I did some re-branding and launched again as The Skin Candy Soap Factory focused on natural soaps in outrageously gorgeous bakery box packaging with lots of shocking pink boxes and chocolate brown tissue and pizzazz. The pink packaging was for breast cancer awareness and I donated a portion of the proceeds. The product was showcased in a retail store alongside my handcrafted jewelry, but never really took off — I overpriced it for a small town — so hundreds of dollars worth of boxes and bags later, the business self-imploded. I donated all the leftover packaging to a senior’s co-op apartment building for their annual craft and bake sales.

Since I have the opportunity to write articles about making homemade natural products, I am excited once again to create my own handcrafted and aromatic soap for myself and gifts. My newest interest is hand-milled soaps and I’ve created a fabulous wildflower honey facial scrub that I’d like to market — we’ll see…

Here’s one of my DIY soap articles featuring one of my own luscious recipes. Give it a try if you love luxury soaps that smell yummy and leave your skin silky-smooth and fragrant:

“Hand-mill basic white, unscented soap to transform it into fragrant, silky-hard, luxury soap with excellent emollient characteristics. Also known as rebatched or French-milled soap, hand-milled soap is made by adding fragrance, color, oil, and filler to grated soap, then cooking it on the stove top. Honey and Oatmeal in a Luffa is a luxurious, vanilla-scented treat for the skin that polishes as it cleanses; it is just one of hundreds of recipes you can whip up in an afternoon. Hand-milled soaps are considered the finest soaps in the world, and making your own opens the door to an aromatic world of creativity that knows no bounds.”
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