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Ode to Gemmy  (2006-2008)
Ode to My Beautiful Gemmy (2006-2008)
Excerpted from “I Love My Cat” by Laurette Therrien, one of my favorite little books by a fellow cat lover:

Did you know that:

  • In Tokyo, the facade of Go-To-Ku-Ji temple is decorated with cats with one paw raised as a sign of salutation.
  • For Egyptians, the goddess Bastet, guardian of light, is associated with the cat.
  • Cats love stuffed olives!
  • In Southern Britanny, people believe that black cats have a perfectly white hair hidden somewhere in their fur and that for whoever finds it, it is a lucky charm that lasts throughout a lifetime, as long as it is hidden in a safe place, far away from drafts. Legend has it that this single white hair will make its finder fabulously wealthy and lucky in love for the rest of his or her days.
  • An Arab proverb says that “a cat once bitten by a snake fears even a simple rope”; in other words, once bitten twice shy.
  • A Poem by Joachim du Bellay (1522-1560)

    “When my heart seems ready to break
    When I choose to speak or write of my pain
    Belaud, my small grey kitten…
    Nature’s most marvelous work
    At least when it comes to felines
    Belaud comes to mind
    And his beauty seems worthy of immortality.”

    Mommy Cat With Her Adopted Squirrel Video:

    I’ve raised a few of these little cuties and can attest to their charm as babies. Of course, when they grow up they’re still adorable, only not as pets, as this wonderful, compassionate couple may soon find out…

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