Sam Simon, One of Our Favorite “Angels for Animals” Does It Again

Abused Racehorse Rescued by PETA Supporter and Simpsons Co-Creator
When PETA Augustus Club member and Hollywood icon Sam Simon heard about Valediction—an injured racehorse from the stables of trainer Steve Asmussen, who was recently the subject of a PETA investigation—he stepped in to help. Sam purchased Valediction, whose forelegs were scarred from a painful treatment meant to get him running and who had also sustained a leg fracture. Another PETA member agreed to let the horse retire peacefully on a beautiful farm in Virginia, where he will get all the medical care, love, and attention that he will ever need. With the Kentucky Derby this weekend, please remember the suffering that horses like Valediction are forced to endure for “entertainment.” Read the full story at the below link:

‘Simpsons’ Co-Creator Rescues Horse Labeled ‘Rat’ | PETA’s Blog | PETA.

6 thoughts on “Sam Simon, One of Our Favorite “Angels for Animals” Does It Again

    1. Thanks for your comment, Emy. Yes, thousands of race horses are abused every day. We are always so happy to hear about any who get a break, like Valediction. If only there were more Sam Simons in the world — people with the means who could do so much good for animals in need, if only they would.


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