Soft Centered Chewy Cookie Recipe!

Wow, these sound delicious! Dare I make them?

Homemade With Mess

Finding a soft centre cookie recipe has been an epic journey, which I think began when I was about 6. I could never find the perfect recipe; they were usually tasty, but always hard! About 3 years ago I found one recipe that cracked it; it was one very satisfying moment (is that sad?). However, this recipe was complex, expensive and involved many different stages. I then discovered this one, which is really simple and sooooo good, give it a try!


This recipe makes quite a large quantity of dough so feel free to freeze some of it.

This makes about 48 cookies

Basic dough

–          225g unsalted butter – softened

–          225g caster sugar

–          170g condensed milk

–          350g self-raising flour

–          1tps vanilla essence

Cream the butter and sugar until pale and creamy

Stir in the condensed milk and the vanilla essence

Mix in the flour –…

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