Animal Spirits: The Bee

We love bees, especially the sweet, fuzzy bumblebees.

Through the Peacock's Eyes

images Busy Bee

With the warmer weather and longer days, many of us engage in more outdoor and group activities and spend more time working on projects and with family. Some of us become as busy as a bee. While it is normal to see more bees throughout the spring and summer, what does it mean when bees and bee signs keep appearing to us? What messages are these little animal spirits bringing to us?

The term “busy bee” is no accident. Bees symbolize industriousness, concentration, activity, busy-ness, group communication, and family and social networks. They tell us very busy times are ensuing. This increase in activity should be beneficial though. Bees are very productive creatures making all that golden honey, which represents wealth, prosperity, and fruition of hard work.

Seeing bees may indicate the need to organize the home or the structure of your life. They also live for the…

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By susandorling

Susan Dorling is an animal advocate whose objective with her blog is to spread awareness about animals who are either in crisis and need help or stories with happy endings i.e. animals who have been rescued and found forever homes. We search out information across the web or print media, reblog important news from animal welfare organizations and share good news about animals whenever we can. We also love sharing delicious plant-based recipes and inspiring quotes, poetry and art to nurture a joyous soul.

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