Frank & Jesse Need a New Home – Alert from House With a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary


Please pass on. I’ve had cattle dogs for years and they are wonderful companions. If you know anyone who may be interested in adopting these beautiful dogs together, please send them a link to this post. 

If you’re having trouble keeping your herd of cattle in line, you could really use one of these. And now you can have two! Frank and Jessie are a pair of Australian Shepherd/Cattle dogs, enthusiastic and eager to please.

They are highly intelligent, beautifully trained and perfectly housebroken.  They’ll do whatever you tell them, but they do need activity every day.  They have good manners on the leash, love to ride in the car — and love each other very much.  At age 11, these two are only slightly limited in their range of hip motion, which is typical for the breed.

Of the two of them, Jessie is the more laid-back.  Frank is not aggressive either, but he isn’t always happy sharing his space with other dogs, so we recommend that these two be the only pets in the house.  As we said, these two are lifelong best friends — and we really must keep them together!

These fabulous dogs wound up in the Gloucester-Matthews Humane Society shelter in Gloucester, VA because their owner was forced to relocate and couldn’t keep the dogs.  We hate to see herding dogs like these two cooped up!  Please share their story and let’s find them a forever home with room to roam!


Breed:  Australian Shepherd/Cattle dog
Gender:  Male (neutered)
Age:  11
Vaccinations:  Up-to-date
Health issues:  Just slight hip joint limitation
Contact:  Bonnie Ellen

5 thoughts on “Frank & Jesse Need a New Home – Alert from House With a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary

  1. Someday soon I want to adopt two dogs from you for The Holler. I will talk to you when I am ready, so we determine what would work out best. I admire you so much, because of course I love the creatures, great and small~


    1. Hi Cindy, thanks for your comment! I would love to help you find two dogs who would be perfect for The Holler…whenever you are ready. I admire you as well for your love of all the glorious wildlife you encounter and interact with on a daily basis and for capturing their beauty in your fabulous photographs. Cheers Susan


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