Inspiring Words From Robin Sharma

I just received the following letter in my inbox from one of my favorite positive people who never fails to inspire and motivate — Robin Sharma. I’ve never attended one of his workshops but I do have a couple of his books. With clients comprised of many of the FORTUNE 500 including FedEx, Nike, IBM, The Royal Bank of Scotland, GE, Unilever, RIM, Castrol, Microsoft, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Panasonic, NASA, Yale University and The Young Presidents Organization, Robin Sharma is also the globally celebrated author of 15 international bestselling books on living your best life and leadership. His work has been published in over 62 countries and in nearly 75 languages, making him one of the most widely read authors in the world. Robin shot to fame with “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”, which has topped international bestseller lists and sold over 4,000,000 copies.

I like the thoughts he expresses in today’s letter — his interpretation of what it means to be human and live a fulfilling life resonate with me. I would like to share it with you, too. If you would like to know more about Robin and his organization you can visit his website at Robin Sharma (no, I’m not an affiliate — I just happen to think Robin has a lot to offer) For another example of how he thinks, check out his 60 Tips for a Stunningly Great Life.


Hi Susan,

As I sit here on a glorious day during late Summer, I reflect on what it means to be human…

My thoughts are offered with humility. These are just my observations based on the best of my understanding.

To be human means:

– to stand for your dreams + heart’s desires and deepest values no matter what stones those who do not understand may toss at you.

– to wake up each day radiating hope, strength, wisdom and love, regardless of whether your’e at the peak of the mountain or lost in the valley of disruption.

– to find the blessings of your work and notice the dignity within it, whether you run a nation, lead a family, drive a taxi, teach a class, dig graves or bake bread.

[To all my friends in JoBurg, please find the janitor in the men’s WC/restroom at the airport and tell him his shining example of leadership + decency still walks with me to this day – I’d really appreciate him knowing how much he matters to me].

– to look for the good in every person you encounter, and to celebrate it without the expectation of any return.

– to live life on your own terms, even if all around you call you weird, strange, crazy or a fool.

– to go to the edges of what you believe to be possible on a daily basis. Our growth and the full realization of our human potential lies in licking the razor’s edge often. In other words, fear is just an illusion that gets torn down via your bravery.

– to be creative and make things that are important to the expression of genius that you have been born into. We come alive when we produce value we are happy to offer to the world.

– to be around people who understand us, who cherish us, who honor us, who witness all we are becoming and who love us as we are.

– to know that all it takes is one person, devoted to standing in the fire of doubt/insecurity by doing their inner work, to lift all of us by their gorgeous example.

I write this with a heart committed to serving you, to inspiring your loftiest ambitions, to reminding you of your brilliance and encouraging you to make this coming week a week of courage + mastery + compassion + festivity.

Until my last breath, I’ll be here to push for you to absolutely realize all that you are.

Your fan always,

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