Yummy Potato Flatbread

Cindy Knoke’s recent posts featuring beautiful photos of her visit to Slovakia and Germany were both a feast for the eyes and a vicarious pleasure for an adventurous soul like mine. In her post about Bratislava, Slovakia, an intriguing flatbread called langos made my mouth water. I set out to find a recipe for it or something like it to make this weekend. Here’s one that looks simple and delicious and as the chef says, you could add cheese, garlic and I may add fried onions or make a sweet treat with cinnamon, sugar, jam etc.. You can hear the crispy crunch when chef bites into it and the inside is soft and fluffy like bread! In another video by Ballistics Barbecue, chef makes a Slav Burger by wrapping the langos around a homemade rib eye steak burger with cheese, mustard and pickles. For a veg take on this one, you could wrap the langos around seitan or other veg or vegan fare, veggies like leeks and onions, daiya cheese, and so much more. Very versatile bread. Cindy, thanks for all your wonderful posts! 

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