"Camargue Horses" Fine Art Photography by Xavier Ortega

Camargue Horses of France

Named after the region in southern France it is native to, the Camargue horse is an ancient breed of horse. Its origins remain relatively unknown, although it is generally considered one of the oldest breeds of horses in the world. A herd of white Camargue horses galloping through a calm delta at sunset made for some stunning photos from Barcelona-based photographer Xavier Oretga. The Spanish fine art photographer travelled hundreds of miles to capture this magical moment of the rare animals racing wildly against the setting sun. Rushing along the remote landscape, the surf is kicked up and the animals’ movements blurred, as they are permitted to run free outside of their ranches along the Rhone River, near Arles, France.

This is the third time that the photographer has made the trip to the region to photograph these majestic creatures, building up quite a portfolio of images along the way.

Ortega says, “In these three years, I have seen many horses—usually they can run for ten minutes until the leader decides to quit. I love seeing horses like this—running free in the wild. They are one of my favourite animals, displaying a combination of power, beauty and water in a great place with magnificent light. I remember taking these particular photos. It was a magical moment. The sky was ablaze with yellow clouds when a herd of white horses came running through the marsh. I chose a short lens to capture the beautiful landscape and I believe I took one of my best pictures.”

See Xavier Ortega’s Photograhy at The Phoenix Collection

Visit Xavier Ortega’s Website to view his stunning portfolio.

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