Lucky, Deserving Horses Who Live at Dog Tales in Ontario & Dogs Looking for Homes

Dog Tales says about their horses: “We are a caring sanctuary for old, abused and retired horses. The majority of our horses are rescued directly from auction, where they would otherwise have been slaughtered for meat. Our staff work with our horses daily to help them regain confidence and trust, and they are able to live out the remainder of their lives in peace on our 50 beautiful acres, with access to world-class medical care and unlimited amounts of love (and carrots!). Our sanctuary is currently home to 70 horses. Our horses are not available for adoption.” Read more and see photos here.

While visiting Dog Tales, check out these gorgeous dogs available for adoption. Each dog has his or her own beautifully decorated ‘room’ and some are adoptable in bonded pairs. This truly is a phenomenal sanctuary and the people who own it are beyond amazing for everything they do for animals. They also rescue dogs in their home land of Israel and other places around the world. The photo here features glorious German shepherd siblings Zeus and Zouyi. Read more and see photos here.

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