"Roger-African Rhino" by James Corwin

Ode to the Late Lawrence Anthony of Thula Thula Wildlife Preserve and Founder of the Earth Organization

This article, “The Elephant Wars” by Tom Clynes relates his exciting interview with Lawrence Anthony, co-owner with his wife Françoise of Thula Thula Game Reserve. Sadly, Anthony died in 2012, but this article gives us a glimpse of the enigmatic, inspiring man who authored “The Elephant Whisperer”, “Babylon’s Ark” and “The Last Rhino” who saved Bagdad zoo’s animals in a brave solitary effort after the war, rescued a band of rogue elephants and so much more.

This courageous, irreverent and highly effective conservationist was a hero to animals and animal advocates everywhere. I discovered him from a fellow blogger’s comments—now I’m looking forward to reading all of his books, researching trips to South Africa, planning how I might possibly afford to get there and work with rhinos, elephants, gorillas, etc. etc.. Totally inspired! Lawrence’s example of  take-action animal advocacy and down-to-earth philosophy about life resonates deeply with me and a trip to Thula Thula has now been added to my bucket list. Take a look at these glorious accomodations, gourmet food and all the fabulous wildlife you will encounter when you visit  www.thulathula.com.

The rhino in our featured image is Roger, subject of this fabulous painting by wildlife artist James Corwin who met and fell in love with this rhino he met in Africa who was sadly poached. He so mourned the loss of Roger who inspired this painting and Jame’s love of rhinos. James has worked extensively with rhinos in Africa, protecting them from poachers and learning as much as he can about this majestic creature. Rhinos are his favourite animal. The original painting is sold but is available at The Phoenix Collection in Limited Edition prints.

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