Introducing Jordi Piqué Fine Art Photography at The Phoenix Collection

I have started learning Spanish today at Duolingo. What fun! Put in less than an hour on the basics and apparently I’m now 9% fluent in Spanish. :)) I have an affinity for Spain with ancestry on my mother’s side of Spanish, Portugese and Italian, and hope to travel to Spain some day. I was recently inspired to learn Spanish by my email communications with a fine art photographer whose gorgeous photos we are showcasing in our shop. He writes to me in Spanish which I translate into English with Google—the more I read, the more I want to actually learn to speak, read and write in this lovely language.

We are delighted to welcome Jordi Piqué to The Phoenix Collection and proud to present his beautiful photographs of chimpanzees, gorillas, mangabey monkeys and other wildlife and nature photography. Although he has exhibited his work extensively in Spain and won contests and awards, with the exception of displaying his portfolio on Flickr, his work has not been available in North America. When he discovered us online he sent us some of his work. We were moved by his poignant photographs and immediately invited him to join us with an exclusive gallery showcasing his photographs for sale and we’re happy he accepted.

I Love You Mom” is our first addition to his gallery and I will be sharing many more as I add them. We are long-time supporters of the Jane Goodall Institute and Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and so pleased to now have artworks featuring chimpanzees and gorillas in our collection. It also gives us a perfect opportunity to donate a portion of our profits from the sale of these prints to a couple of wonderful organizations who have for so many years worked so tirelessly to save these precious animals who are so closely related to us.

We welcome your comments.

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