Announcing Marta Gottfried Wiley Art Soon Available at The Phoenix Art Shop

LEPA ZENA COMPANIONAnother in the Lepa Zena series, “Lepa Zena Companion” shown above will soon be available in our shop. Note: Our blog header features “Black Beauty” by Marta Gottfried Wiley

We are thrilled to announce The Phoenix Art Shop (The Phoenix Collection) has recently become a distributor for Marta Gottfried Wiley’s art. Several new prints and originals will soon be available in her exclusive gallery at our art shop here. Marta creates a new painting nearly every day and last year she sold 350 original paintings. She holds a record for being one of the most prolific artists in the 21st Century. In her career she has painted over 10,000 paintings, her top poster sales with works such as her “Lepa Zena” series grossing millions.

An Internationally renowned artist with celebrity artist status, Marta is also a singer, entrepreneur, film maker, speaker, actress and author. Truly the epitome of  a Renaissance woman, Marta has written over 2,000 songs, some which reached the Top 20 USA Music Charts, and several compelling novels such as The Water Daughter, The Shield & The Eight Immortals and The Million Dollar Egg.

As CEO of Marta G. Wiley Studios, she is a trendsetter and her art has been in 300 galleries worldwide. Known as a revolutionary champion for “Educations of the Arts”, Marta works with autistic children. She has been featured on FOX News, CBS, CNN, Oprah OWN Network, hundreds of publications, movies and International magazines. Currently Marta is earning her degree in Psychology and Entertainment Law at Harvard.


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