Little Will and His Island Family ~ from Save the Abandoned Chimps of Liberia

The fundraiser has raised nearly $356,000 dollars of their $480k goal thanks to 7,440 people who cared about the abandoned chimps in Liberia. This is little Will and his story:

“I want to share the miraculous story of little Will who was orphaned several months after we began to provide care for the chimpanzees. Will’s mother Nana had disappeared and was presumed dead. We were very worried about little Will who was only two years old at the time. But, thankfully, another chimpanzee on his island named Hannie—who had just lost a newborn baby herself several months earlier—began to look after young Will. In fact, all of the adult chimpanzees on the island (where there are three other youngsters—Bean, Kowura and Denyon) frequently share parenting duties and all worked together to ensure that Will was taken care of. Even, DJ—the lone adult male on the island—shares food with Will! It’s been amazing to see these chimps come together to help save the orphaned Will. Today, we are happy to report that Will is doing wonderfully! His island family continues to watch after him and he just celebrated his fourth birthday in early April!”

Learn more at their Go Fund Me  page here.

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