Help Build a Paradise for Abused Lions

The Phoenix Art Shop just helped build 100 square feet of sanctuary for rescued lions! If you would like to make a difference for these beautiful animals, please visit

In 2014 and 2015, Animal Defenders undertook the biggest rescue mission of its kind to track down every illegal circus in Peru and rescue the animals. 24 African lions were saved from extreme neglect and abuse and a further nine lions were saved from a Colombian circus. ADI began the process to rebuild their lives. Best of all, ADI found a perfect new home where they can live in peace, and in May 2016, support from donors helped these lucky lions make the journey of a lifetime on a specially charted flight to South Africa which was posted on this blog.

Now that these lions are at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary they are still in urgent need of your help to build the permanent paradise they need. Right now the lions are staying in bonding camps to help rebuild their relationships with each other while their sanctuaries are being built. Each sanctuary enclosure costs $18,000 which provides them with 5 acres of beautiful natural habitat. 5 more enclosures need to be built and with your help we will be able to secure these lions futures.

You can help! Just $5.10 helps secure a paradise for these rescued lions!


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