Jerome the Calf Has a New Family at Farm Sanctuary

With each day comes a new opportunity to align our actions with our values — a chance to support a kinder world with every compassionate choice we make. Today, thanks to Treeline, a leading producer of dairy-free cheeses, Farm Sanctuary is pleased to share an exciting way you can increase the power of your support towards the continued care of two very special bovine buddies, who are celebrating their first birthdays in freedom. But how they came to Farm Sanctuary is a testament to the incredible difference people can make when they put compassion first.

Take for example, Jerome. Born on a small dairy farm, this sweet calf was taken from his mother as a newborn, slated to be sold at auction, but fortunately, his story would not end there. A compassionate farm worker intervened and convinced her boss to relinquish Jerome to sanctuary instead.

Safe and sound at Farm Sanctuary’s New York Shelter, they vowed to give Jerome the lifelong love and care that he deserved. Yet something was still missing: a family.

That’s where another compassionate choice came in.

Not long before Jerome arrived at Farm Sanctuary, Farm Sanctuary had welcomed Liz and Cashew, a mother-son pair who’d also come from a dairy operation. Their guardian, Angela, was a small dairy farmer with a big heart. A vegetarian, she loved animals and wanted to see them treated well — but she knew that in the industry, this is not typically the case.

Angela wanted to be a different kind of farmer — and she knew that bovine families deserved to stay together forever. Though a kinder dairy farm was an admirable idea in principle, she soon learned how unsustainable it was from a business perspective: She could not support the needs of her growing herd while still making a profit. So she made the compassionate decision to get out of the dairy business and send her cattle to sanctuary.

Liz and Cashew were together and safe. But, as it turned out, their family was not yet complete!

When jerome was introduced to Liz and Cashew, something magical happened: Liz and Cashew adopted Jerome as their own, and Jerome began to heal, grow, and thrive. Ever since, this special family of three has been enjoying life together and changing hearts and minds along the way.

Today, Jerome, like Cashew, is a silly, playful, and very happy boy! He loves hanging out with his friends in the herd, and is never far from his adopted mom and big brother — he’s especially fond of curling up beside them when it’s time to relax.

Last year, Farm Sanctuary and Treeline Treenut Cheese collaborated on a special project — starring Liz and Cashew — to help farm animals enjoy the peaceful lives they deserve. This year, they are excited to partner again, this time in Jerome’s honor! Together, they can spread the word that it’s unconscionable to deny babies like Jerome and Cashew the happy lives they deserve when there are compassionate and delicious alternatives available instead.

Treeline offers a delicious line of cruelty-free vegan cheeses — a wonderful way to savor your favorite flavors while supporting kindness to animals like this special family. And because Treeline’s cheeses are derived from cashews — never cow’s milk — they are helping more calves like Jerome and Cashew savor the rich, fulfilling lives they deserve.

For the next month, Treeline will generously match all sponsorships of Jerome and Cashew, up to $10,000. For a one-time donation of $75, you can symbolically adopt this dynamic duo — helping Farm Sanctuary support their lifelong care while creating a more compassionate future for other farm animals just like them through our rescue, education, and advocacy work. In gratitude for your gift, they’ll send you an online certificate, which you can print or share on social media — a great way to spread the word that calves like Jerome and Cashew are each someone, not something.


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