Choosing Vegan Shoes & Boots — It’s a Good Thing From

Kitten heels, Cubans, sandals, wedges, wingtips, canvas high tops, punk boots, ballet flats, Oxfords, pumps, espadrilles, lace-ups, cut-outs, peep-toes, steel-toes, slip-ons, running shoes, jellies, stilettos… is your heart racing, too? There’s no way around it: shoes do far more than protect our feet from sharp stones: they’re sculptures, works of art with the power to change how we look and feel. They don’t just make the outfit, they make the mood, and what’s more they convey that mood to people around us. Our shoes help us feel confident, sexy, whatever we happen to want, and then display that in bold 36-point high-definition text to everyone who sees us.

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