About Susan

Welcome to my blog!

As a long-time animal lover/advocate, I share within these pages issues concerning animal welfare, such as the abandoned chimpanzees in Liberia, news from organizations I support such as, Animals Asia who rescue moon and sun bears from bile farms and dogs destined for slaughter for food in Asia, PAWS (Performing Animal Welfare Society), Farm Sanctuary, PETA, and many others.


Since 1984, I have been involved in wildlife rehabilitation; raising orphaned animals such as raccoons, song birds and squirrels and soft-releasing them back into the wild. My most recent rehabilitation were two little coonies named Basil and Dusty, raised in the summer of 2012 and soft-released on my property in sprng 2013. Basil comes back to visit every spring since. My husband and I share our home with two wonderful dogs, Chip and Scamp, a few glorious cats, a budgie and a lovebird; all enrich our lives in countless ways.

You’ll also find my favourite quotes, poetry, DIY craft and decorating ideas and a selection of articles I’ve written over the years.

If you like art, head on over to The Phoenix Art Shop (aka The Phoenix Collection), my online art shop featuring a wide selection of fine art prints, Limited Edition prints and original paintings by some of today’s most popular contemporary artists and photographers, including exquisite artworks by First Nations artists. When I add new art to our shop it’s usually posted here on the blog for art lovers to admire. I don’t sell anything here, but a link is usually included to click on over to the shop if you’re interested.