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British Columbia’s Hunting Ban on Grizzly Bears and Other Gains for Animals – Wayne Pacelle HSUS

This week, British Columbia’s newly formed government, responding to the will of an overwhelming majority of the province’s citizens and following through on its own campaign promise, announced a ban on all trophy hunting of grizzly bears there, starting in November. Under the prior Liberal government, B.C. had become the world’s grizzly-bear-hunting hub, with trophy . . .

Source: British Columbia’s hunting ban on grizzlies the latest in rapid-fire series of gains for animals · A Humane Nation

New Zealand Law Now Recognizes Animals As ‘Sentient’ Beings from Straight from the Horse’s Heart Blog

Source: Hearts of Pets “The Animal Welfare Amendment Bill states that animals can experience including pain and distress…” New Zealand has recently changed its law regarding anima…

Source: New Zealand Law Now Recognizes Animals As ‘Sentient’ Beings | Straight from the Horse’s Heart