Christmas Gift Idea No. 16

Long considered one of the best pet-care books ever written, Dr. Ann Wigmore’s, “Our Precious Pets,” is a wonderful Christmas gift for pet lovers. Stuffed into a pet-themed Christmas stocking or gift basket, or all on its own, this book is sure to become a treasured addition to anyone’s pet library. Alongside Dr. Richard Pitcairn’s Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats and many other alternative pet care, canine and feline nutrition books, its definitely a favorite in ours. Long thought to be out of print, Nature’s First Law has recently resurrected it and at only $4.95 a copy, we recommend you grab some up while they last. Contents include: Care of Pets * Pets Can Help You Get Healthier * Listening To Your Pet * What To Do When Your Pet Is Sick * Pure Food Law For Animals * Feeding Your Pets * Recipes For Dogs & Cats. Click the below image for more details.

Book: Our Precious Pets, Ann Wigmore