Vegan bacon chips coming soon!

Coming this June, you’ll be able to enjoy 100-percent plant-based bacon chips, aptly named PIG OUT. Created by Outstanding Foods, the new brand was founded by David Anderson, who was one of the co-founders of food technology company JUST (formerly Hampton Creek) and a former chef at plant-based company Beyond Meat. Anderson partnered with serial entrepreneur Bill Glaser to create their premier product. The bacon-flavored snack is made out of a proprietary blend of mushrooms and spices that are processed through patent-pending technology.

“We want to make it easier for everyone to eat more plant-based foods, not because they are being preached at or judged but because they taste incredible… We’re not asking anyone to give anything up because bacon chips don’t exist right now. It’s something new, and it [tastes] just like crispy, crunchy bacon,” Glaser told Food Navigator

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Save the Date for Super Adoption Events in L.A., Salt Lake City, Utah and New York City – Best Friends Animal Society

Find your match-made-in-heaven and save a life by adopting a homeless puppy, kitten, cat, dog, or fluffy rabbit at any of these Best Friends’ Super Adoption events in your community.

What is a Super Adoption?

Try to imagine a joyful place where everyone is smiling, laughing, and positively glowing. A super adoption is an event where you’ll find hundreds of the cutest pets you’ll ever see all together in one place. From snuggly puppies and cuddly kittens to gorgeous cats, dogs, and even bunnies galore — super adoptions are dreams come true for so many pet-crazy folks who turn up in droves to find their true loves.

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