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Embracing a Plant-Based Diet – Newly Vegetarian

Having embraced a vegetarian diet since late October 2013, my husband and I are enjoying the splendid variety that eating meat-free offers. Neither of us has missed meat and we were 7-days-a-week meat-eaters; sometimes in the summer eating tenderloin steak up to three times a week, huge amounts of chicken, pork tenderloin and ribs, fish such as halibut and salmon once a week, and lots of seafood, including mussels, shrimp, lobster and scallops, often in combination with the meat meals, what we called ‘surf and turf’. However, aside from getting all that saturated fat from animals, we’ve been moderate for years in terms of our other fat intake — we don’t eat butter, sweets are a rather rare treat, we read nutritional labels, care about calories — but boy did we eat a boatload of meat. We’re very pleased to know we can live without it.

We are hand picking books for our vegetarian and vegan library, compiling them into the book shop, “My Vegetarian & Vegan Library,” at the below link. Hundreds of books comprise our ‘Wish List’ and it’s unbelievable just how many recipes there are for plant-based cuisine. We hope our compilation offers other new vegetarians, or those considering giving up meat, the opportunity to see all the cookbooks in one place. You can buy a book right from the shop, or check out Kindle for less expensive versions you can read in a reader or even on your computer, your public library or try the online libraries where you can check out cookbooks and any kind of book for free for two weeks.

Of course, a great way to compile free recipes is the Internet, there has to be a million online recipe resources for vegetarian and vegan cuisine, and I may have checked them all. Probably gone through a whole set of ink cartridges printing them — not environmentally friendly at all. The smart way to go is store those recipes at the site you found them or in a separate software and cook by referring to a tablet or computer. But, I’ve collected books of all kinds for years and I like the old-fashioned, comforting feeling of holding a real, genuine book and flipping those pages. I plan to grow my cookbook library with several of these titles.


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