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It got to that time of week again – the day before food shopping.  The cupboards were looking quite bare and Miranda and I were feeling very peckish.  We’d finished off the last flapjack the day before and there were no munchies left in the house.  There must be something I could make, I said to myself, but what?  I had no flour left.

But I was determined.

What I did have was some rolled oats, some sugar, some olive oil, some cocoa and some sultanas.

*And this is what I did:

Weighed out 8 ounces of rolled oats and put them through the food processor to make a rough oat flour.  Put the flour in a bowl, added 2 teaspoons of baking powder, 1 ounce of cocoa, a generous load of sultanas and 4 ounces of sugar, and mixed it all together thoroughly.  Then I added 4 fluid…

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Susan Dorling is an animal advocate whose objective with her blog is to spread awareness about animals who are either in crisis and need help or stories with happy endings i.e. animals who have been rescued and found forever homes. We search out information across the web or print media, reblog important news from animal welfare organizations and share good news about animals whenever we can. We also love sharing delicious plant-based recipes and inspiring quotes, poetry and art to nurture a joyous soul.

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